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This was so much fun. (Language warning, but it’s Tyler and it’s Darren so you probably could have guessed that… :) )

There are some fun character traits/personality bits of Darren’s that really show clearly in this interview.

Darren, with an air personality type, interacts with the world in a highly social way. This shows in multiple ways in this interview.
Right from the beginning he uses comfortable, casual language (such as referring to Tyler as “man”). He’s not keeping any distance or formality there. This is common in Darren interviews, even if the person he’s talking to is a stranger.
He also looks at Tyler a lot. Darren is comfortable with eye contact, and he is wired to react off of the other people he’s with, so he looks at them often. Even when he doesn’t turn his head toward Tyler, you can see that his eyes move that direction (as though he feels awkward having a conversation with a camera instead of with a person…which is probably exactly what is happening).
Third, he touches Tyler several times, including very casual-but-personal touches such as shoulder-bumping him when they are both facing the camera. He also constantly overlaps into Tyler’s personal space with his hand gestures. Air-types are huggers and cuddlers, yes, but it’s basically because they don’t have a personal bubble. They don’t have one and they often forget that anybody else does either.

He takes the time to relate to Tyler emotionally as well as physically. When Tyler talks about being terrified in his first time on the red carpet (1:50), Darren shakes and nods his head and says “oh man” in solidarity. It’s not just that he relates to the experience or the feelings (although obviously he does), but that he expresses that relating. He makes constant and ongoing connections with the person he is with.

When they talked about Tyler’s video reaction to Darren’s “sexiest man alive” photoshoot, Darren showed the emotional relating there too. Tyler was in a slightly awkward position of sitting next to the man he had so vocally drooled over before, and Darren brushed it off with some lighthearted self-deprecating by saying “yeah, photoshop is great, they made me look so fantastic!” He took the pressure off of the situation by making it funny, and thereby made them both more comfortable.

Darren’s energy shows in this interview as well. He is constantly moving (again, as he always does). He gestures with his hands a lot, but he also moves his head and torso, just shifting around in general. His facial expressions are as animated as his hands.

And remember how air-types are fast? They think fast, they talk fast, they move on from one thing to another fast? Yeah, that’s why he won the game, even though he elaborated on a couple of his answers, he STILL managed to get through more questions than Tyler did. Because his brain and mouth both work that fast. As he said at the end “I just went for it. I threw caution to the wind.” (This is a side note, but when you listen to people’s choice of words, they often use element appropriate language—such as an Air saying “threw caution to the wind”)
We could see Darren’s speed even before he started answering questions though. Watch him as he’s asking Tyler’s questions (starting around 4:40)—he puts down the paper as soon as he finishes reading it—before Tyler answers—and he is picking up the next one and starting to read it to himself before reading it aloud… He doesn’t waste a millisecond when the clock is ticking! In fact, at 4:55 you can see that he had read the question (to himself) and put it down before Tyler answered about seeing his own birth…Darren reacted (“whoa”) and then asked the next question (“favorite app?”) without even looking at the paper because he’d already put it down (and picked up the next one). This is classic Air behavior. He can handle multiple things going on in his head at once, and he can move between them rapidly.

As we have seen with Darren over and over, he doesn’t really filter. He is open, wearing his “heart on his sleeve” in his facial expressions and trying to make himself understood. He doesn’t hold back—thus having no hesitation or shame in saying that his favorite swear word is the “queen mother of all swears” the F-bomb.
As he said, he “cannot stand being misunderstood.” It’s his greatest fear he said. For someone who is extremely oriented to people and social interaction, of course it is extremely important to be understood! “I have to use the power of words, and articulation, to be concise…[but] I overkill it all the time.” Because he’s trying to be clear, but he can’t help that he thinks and speaks really fast, so the words pour out and as he tries to explain more and more it just gets to ‘overkill’ as he so clearly put it.

Darren brings in his body language to help express himself as well. For example with the “boxers or briefs” question he did a hand gesture that looked something like a slash…to me that looks like he was indicating something like “both” as in “boxer briefs = boxers/briefs”

At 7:00 he made a comment about “when Darren grows up” (in other words, he, at 27, sees himself as still very young). This is another classic Air trait. Airs often have a childlike quality to them—which is not to suggest immaturity per se, but more of a playful, enthusiastic, carefree kind of attitude. Darren definitely has that. 


And finally, can we just have a moment of silence to appreciate Darren’s hair in this video? Because it’s fantastic.

@alxanders @MarkSalling Caught you snap chatting. :)  Good to see you today bro. 

@alxanders @MarkSalling Caught you snap chatting. :)  Good to see you today bro. 

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